Virtual reality

Virtual reality


A project using virtual reality consists of two components:

Content (virtual world) that the user sees in virtual reality and the objects with which he interacts

Equipment that allow users to immersed in the virtual world

We offer four technical solutions for optimal integration of a particular VR project

VR Video 360
VR Video 360

Creation of 360 video content is an excellent tool for the visual immersion of the consumer in a particular world.

Content is created using video filming with special 360 cameras or by 3D rendering of the virtual world.

360 content is all about video viewing – no additional interaction with virtual objects.

The key goal of this solution is to completely visually immerse the viewer in the created VR content.


This technical solution implies both the ability to view VR content and interaction with elements of the virtual world.

VR simulation is a software product in virtual reality, with the help of which the user becomes a full-fledged part of the created world. This is achieved by creating a 3D environment and programming algorithms according to the scenario.

The key goal of this solution is to visually immerse users in a VR environment and enable them to function in it.


Hosting online events (VR Events) has become a real trend in 2020. The goal is to create the atmosphere of the event for guests who are hundreds of kilometers away from each other.

Each event has its own virtual location. Each guest is assigned to an own 3D avatar and is assembled in a VR location, be it the moon or the roof of the Burj Khalifa. People communicate with each other, listen to the speaker, ask questions in real time. And when the official part comes to an end, there is an opportunity to play VR games, listen to music and dance.

Holding events in virtual reality allows you to repeat the mechanics of an offline event by 70%.

On July 31, 2020, we organized the first virtual reality concert in the CIS by the popular Ukrainian artist Oleg Vinnik.


Virtual Reality game development. VR games are beginning to be used not only among gamers, but also in the business environment. So, many companies have corporate games for employees and clients. Others use games as an additional tool to monetize goods or services.

Our team is engaged in the development of VR games on a turnkey basis – from creating ideas and game algorithms to final programming and rendering all the content (game world). The annual growth of the world market for VR games is + 65%.

Additionally, we offer all necessary equipment for implementation of VR zones – Oculus Go glasses, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, Vive Focus Plus, VIVE Pro, Insta360 and Insta360PRO cameras and much more.

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